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Product and service marketing gets each one of our homes and beyond, it reaches us wherever we are, thanks to Internet and cell phones.

The largest perception, today, and this is a real fact, is that there’s no business that’s outside the powerful internet world.

With its search engines and social network, in less than 10 years it has organized all the wealth’s geography and geopolitics distribution and it has shattered previous propaganda structure.

Those who know where trends go and get there first, will be 21st Century’s new millionaires and billionaires. Today market is global. You can merchandise locally all your life but if you want wealth, then you have to think bigger.

When we say wealth, we’re referring to money and time to spend it, not only to get it and then be a slave of what you’ve accomplished.

What we offer in technology

Our group uses duplicable websites for a whole network (whole downline genealogy included), worldwide text messages, automatic following systems for each prospectus, cooperative propaganda on several advertising medias, and languages, local and international, leadership administration online systems for each group leader, also infinitely duplicable, installed on the Internet (Cloud), and most importantly, presence in every country with own buildings and countable control and product distribution systems in each one of them.

The company has years of experience in a massive consumption product.

It has formed a group that’s a pioneer in South America, Asia and North America in the stocking of this healthy product, it has taken the initiative of being the first company to develop under strict security and health rules, in the United States, of the natural, patented and exclusive production compound, that makes the costumers healthy.
The worldwide market for the product we commercialize is worth billions of dollar per day. For our expansion plan, we expect to get 100 million consumers in the next few years, and we’re already getting there.

What are we looking for?
We need entrepreneur traders with a vision and able of being the leader for organizations.

We offer the highest online marketing technology combined with local propaganda in each city, state and country were we’re developing; besides, we’re starting to work on still unopened countries.

Company that’s solidly backed by its owners’ history

• More than 150 years in corporative leadership
• Millions of dollars paid in commissions
• Millionaires created
• Sale expectations of $150 million for the first year

What makes us so successful and proud of offering this to you?

Our products answer to megatrends that have been expanding for years, and are creating global developing poles.

• The consume habit is already created, we don’t impose new products, we just improve them by elevating its popular acceptance.
• We use science to multiply the positive effect to the product’s health without losing its 100% organic feature.
• We’ve advanced total stocking securing production for years, with a patented system and exclusively produced in the USA.
• Each country were we open is benefited, because the 98% of the other essential ingredient can be produced locally, if it adapts to the quality and hygiene rules of our company.
• The product is 100% organic, certified by the Agriculture Department of the United States and the EU.
• 100% Kosher certified by Star K
• All accounts, commission payment to your organization, national and international is run by the mother company, you’re permanently just in charge of opening new markets.
• The company handles production, packaging and international delivery of each order, freeing you of any commitment that’s not opening new markets.
• One of 3 kinds of investments are needed, less than $200, less than $500, less than $1,000. As an immediate back-up, you receive your first products with a real market value of 40% over of the paid value.
• This creates an international franchise with solid stocking back-up and a global organization structure.

The company has training universities, and permanent assessment for those who are new to opening markets.

What is the average of income for your business?

The company officially publishes the average income that the associates get and that’s for business centers, which are limited solely to the quantity of countries you make business in.
From $728 to $1,753,000 per year just for one business center. Actually, there’s no limit to profits, it depends on the size of your distribution network.

You’ll have the best national and global marketing system for your business
Besides, as an option, we can tell you we’ll provide the prospects in each city, state, country where you decide to make business.
Our group will provide the option to receive who’s interested in your products and what’s business that’ll assure the success to your organization directly to your computer of mobile phone. You’ll be able to work directly via Internet in a Real Work from your Home of Office*

* Including personalized websites, websites for all mobile devices, duplicable for all your actual and future distribution network, with decentralized organization, local propaganda in your city, with shared costs with hundreds of other distributors in the country, or countries, free propaganda in hundreds of online bilingual classified ads, training centers in 11 countries, we’re about to open 20 countries in Europe.
Unlimited online training, automatic communication system with a following for any possible business, expansion of your business on 11 countries with direct contact to new affiliates on your mother tongue or the languages you know (Spanish, English, Portuguese).

Each contact is immediately informed of who you are via worldwide text message, the same happens for you, you receive the information of each contact even when the one interested is in your website. Our group has via SMS contact services with more than 200 countries, and it’s automatically include with each contact in your website.
Ability of having business from anywhere of the world were you have Internet or cell phone connection, yes! In the end, all you need for your work is a cell phone and business abilities.

We use the LEVERAGE ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEMS, which make this global business possible, and open a world of possibilities to you.

If you think you have the qualities to seize this opportunity, then we’ll do whatever we can for you to start your business in the most comfortable way. Complete the requested data in the form that you’ll find visiting the website that’s at the end of this article, and we’ll send you an email with more details on this opportunity that appears regularly every 30 years, according to recent statistic data of this real opportunities.

For information related to the Leverage Online Marketing Systems, fill your information on

If you’re in the USA, please call +1 786 333 4111
If you’re in the Dominican Republic +1 829 947 6213

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